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We turn the hate of the Internet into positive energy.


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How does it work?

(Even though there’s some artificial intelligence, math and physics involved, it’s not rocket science!)

Hate Unplugged, Hate


Number of hateful posts daily (around 425 posts gathered every day by our AI)


1,67 watts

Hate Unplugged, Energy

Wasted from every hateful post (by a real life human, combined with the energy of his device)


Hate Unplugged, Education

Y watts

Of negative energy, which is then transformed into positive when we donate the same amount of free electricity to people in need.

Hate Unplugged, What the heck? 1
Hate Unplugged, What the heck? 2
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What the heck? How can negative energy help?

A specially trained AI gathers all the Czech hates it can find on the Internet and converts them into energy.

Hello Hub

We use the equivalent of the energy wasted on hate to power education throughout Uganda in the form of Hello Hubs. These durable outdoor kiosks provide the under privileged with unlimited Internet access and world-class educational software.

Hate Unplugged, Hub

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Fucking black vermin this filth should be wiped out and Islam and all the similar religions should be illegal

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Adolf, wake up! Merkel has gone crazy!

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Fucking muslim cunts should be wiped out

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These hates have helped already, thanks!

Sink the boats, deport the pest and use AK-47 on those who disobey!!!!!!!!!

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Every dead nigga makes me happy and when there's a hundred of them, I sleep like a baby!

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Drown them or maybe even shoot them depends on what's cheaper

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Let's put her in a cell with the immigrants! So they can turn her pus*y into a tear-off calendar!

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Monkey next to monkey. Only basic instincts, nothing else fits in their heads. It's disgusting and this is what some people are trying to bring here...

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Wanna help?

You don’t necessarily have to write a hateful post to help. Maybe just download these GIF’s and use them as a response to every hater you meet.

Or, you can just donate directly to HelloWorld.

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We believe communities across the globe deserve Internet connectivity, access to information, educational resources and the chance to build a better future.

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Nadace Varietas is a Czech non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to maintain the Czech Republic’s openness towards foreigners, and to also actually help foreigners with their integration.

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